Become a Research Assistant

For more than fifteen years, the leader of these projects has been working with volunteers, students and researchers, travelers and professionals from countries around the world, who have an interest in hands-on conservation and data collection of endangered species. With the help of the Research Assistants, we can raise critical information about the population, fix environmental threats and educate local communities about turtle conservation. The main task of working with sea turtles is to assist the biologists of the project with the data collection of the turtles.

  General Requirements

1. Be in good physical condition to walk 12 kms per night(approximately).
2. No severe eyesight problems (most work is at night without artificial lights).
3. No use of illegal drugs; no consumption of alcohol during working hours or abuse of alcohol at any time.
4. Preferably non-smoking. Those who do smoke should do so only in open areas and never on nightly patrols.
5. Be willing to work under difficult and uncomfortable conditions.
6. To know if you are allergic to mosquito and sand fly bites.
7. Must have a personal insurance policy.

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